Taylors International Services

Taylors International Services, Inc. are pros at adapting to their environment and providing customers with the best life support services available, making their remote sites feel like home. As they continued to rapidly expand throughout the globe, Taylors International Services, Inc. looked to create a fresh web presence that helped to expand their market reach and known capabilities.

Taylors Responsive Web Design Mockup
taylors food services page
taylors news page

The Solution

Firefly worked with Taylors International Services, Inc. to provide a website that showcases all of the company’s services and markets in a way that pulls customers in through small steps with calls to action along the way to quickly generate leads.

Copywriting services were provided for the new services and market pages to help increase their reach and reputation online through SEO. The website also includes an integrated Google translate option to make their website more accessible around the world as their reach continues to expand.


  • Custom Home Service Design

  • Copywriting

  • Creative & Concept Development

  • Content Management System

  • Internationalization

  • Website Design & Production