Harbor Towing & Fleeting, LLC

Harbor Towing & Fleeting is a towing and fleeting company located on the Mississippi River in New Orleans. Their dispatch facilitates several services for passing boats in the transportation industry. Firefly worked with the team to set up a professional web presence and claim their local listings to help improve their SEO rankings and searchability.

Harbor Towing & Fleeting Website Design Mockup
about page of Harbor Towing
Harbor Towing mockup of site
careers page of Harbor towing and fleeting
Phone mockup of harbor towing

The Solution

A modern website design was implemented to show forward thought in the industry while making the website easy to use and focused on customer solutions.

Testimonials are prominently featured. Pages are easy to scan but optimized thoroughly for quickly discerning services. A contact form is located on every page for ease of contact by potential clients. The website is also specially customized for easy mobile browsing, looking to Google’s new indexing standards. This overall approach to the website helped Harbor Towing increase their web presence, giving them an edge over competition.


  • Content Management System

  • Copywriting

  • Creative & Concept Development

  • SEO & SEM

  • Social Media Branding

  • Website Design & Production

  • Promotional Material Design