email inbox on tablet

Preventing Email Issues

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email inbox on tablet

Experiencing some email issues? Here are some tips to help you prevent future problems.

Out-of-date device settings may cause issues with email delivery and open your webmail up to phishing attempts and spam. Please check your device settings following the instructions below:

Log in to your email, using your work email address and password, from the following help link:

Once logged in, you will see buttons for easy configuration using iOS, Android, Windows, or other operating systems. Simply follow the steps for each of your devices that you check your webmail on.

We recommend that you choose IMAP options whenever possible. Use POP at your own risk, as this method stores all data to your local storage device, making it unrecoverable in the case of a hard drive failure. If you currently use the POP method and are switching to the recommended IMAP method, please take a full backup of your email account before updating your device settings.

If the email help tool does not have an option for your device, you may check and modify your settings manually using the details below:


SSL server name

SSL port number

POP3 (incoming)


IMAP (incoming)


SMTP (outgoing)




If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to our support team by phone at 337.269.0299 or email us at [email protected]

Please note that due to the wide variety of operating systems and devices we cannot always provide full support for your local devices. We recommend having IT staff in-house to troubleshoot device-related issues.

Categories: Firefly Clients

About the Author: Scott Doré

Slash – Scott Doré left an impression in our hearts & imprints in our group that will remain with us forever. The Trifecta: part Developer, part sympathetic ear, and part water cooler attendant, Scott began earning his Slash at Firefly in 2001. The voice of reason with an infectious laugh, “Dr.” Scott’s empathetic instincts added balance to logical thought with his approach to problem solving. Proud enforcer of the Scott Effect, tech troubles were resolved just by his mere presence! Combining candor and wit, he has rightfully earned his legacy as the office Right Hand Man.

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