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Digital Marketing Success for Law Firms

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For smaller law firms, digital marketing must be part of the business strategy.

Digital advertising for attorneys has become more mainstream over the last 20 years. Larger firms with larger budgets continue to pour money into mobile website design, search engine optimization, Google Ads, and social media.

The annual tech review by the American Bar Association shows that solo practices and very small firms are more likely to have a website that is either outdated or does not exist.

Growing Competition

Most large firms develop an in-house staff to execute their digital marketing strategy. They have the budget and built-in man power to successfully execute their strategies. Many small firms may choose to go with a large, national firm that serves thousands of other attorneys. These quantity-focused firms may seem like an easy choice, but often the account service will feel weak and even have the attitude of ‘set it and forget it’.

A more effective decision may be to work with a marketing group that acts as an extension of your company. A team you can actually have a relationship with. This allows your digital footprint to be unique and stand out within your practice areas.

Establishing a brand

Establishing your brand through digital marketing is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Just like running a marathon, having good equipment is a start, but it does not put you in a position to win. You need a commitment to your goals and a focused strategy.

Tools for legal marketing strategies are not hard to find. What is challenging is choosing your message, building a strong strategy, and seeing it come to fruition over time.

  • Website Design to establish a hub for traffic and client capture

  • Local SEO / Directory SEO for literally getting yourself on the map

  • Organic SEO so potential clients in your targeted areas of practice will find you

  • Reputation Management to validate you as a top legal professional

  • Social Platforms for community and colleague outreach

  • Paid Advertising for rapid brand exposure and lead generation

Each area mentioned is an opportunity to strengthen your brand. Each step towards a cohesive approach will reiterate to search engines that you deserve top rankings to users searching for your services.

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Firefly Marketing Solutions is based in Louisiana. With staff located in Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, we understand our clients and their competitors. We help small firms and solo practices rise above other firms in the digital world.

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