Project Description

Ryland Law Firm

Darrel D. Ryland, A.P.L.C., began in May of 1978, with originally Darrel Dee Ryland as the firm’s sole practitioner. The business has since grown to include 4 practicing attorneys. Although their primary focus is on personal injury law, The Ryland Law Firm also take on cases in other areas such as real estate law, workmen’s comp, domestic law and social security law.

Ryland Law Firm Website Mockup
Ryland Law Firm Website Our Attorneys
Legal Website Areas of Practice Preview
Ryland Law Firm PSA Billboard Advertising
Ryland Law Firm Billboard Advertising

The Solution

The Ryland Law Firm desired a website and marketing that matched their current collateral and branding, to help create a stronger presence in the CENLA area.

Firefly worked to create a site that would allow potential clients to easily communicate with the law office in a variety of ways, while pushing their brand and areas of expertise to the forefront of the design and implementation. Firefly integrated their existing youtube channel to easily showcase videos on site. A live chat widget was implemented to give customers 24/7 simple access to the firm.

Firefly also worked with the team to develop a PSA billboard campaign, as well as, showcase the current team and their dedication to the Central, LA area.

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  • Content Management System

  • Creative & Concept Development

  • Copywriting

  • Live Chat Integration

  • Youtube Video Library

  • Billboard Design

  • Website Design & Production