Leaaf Environmental

Leaaf Environmental, LLC (Leaaf) has 15+ years of experience providing environmental consulting, remediation, and compliance support services to both the public and private sectors in Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast. Leaaf’s focus is on “minimizing environmental risk” for its clients.


The Solution

Leaaf Environmental provides environmental consulting, remediation, and construction support to public and private sectors. While the current website lists out offered services there is minimal copy to reflect relevant keywords or service details. Currently, the website is not optimized for on-site or search engine results.

Firely devised a conclusive project to design a bold, professional-grade website that positions Leaaf as a powerful industry leader. In return, this will present an opportunity to attract new business and prospective employees. We also made it a priority to develop and implement industry-specific copy using advanced SEO techniques to maximize website visibility and rankings. As our final effort, we optimized Leaaf’s search engine profile for users to seamlessly identify and locate business information.


  • Creative & Concept Development

  • SEO Services

  • Local Business Listing Update

  • Website Design & Production

  • Visual and Conceptual Imagery

  • Copywriting