7602 Coach

7602 Coach specializes in professional development training and coaching to aid in conflict resolution, support employee engagement, and improve performance management.

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7602 Coach Website
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The Solution

7602 Coach needed a way to showcase their active video presence as well as make it easy and efficient for customers to opt-in to a free assessment. Firefly worked with their team to create a website that easily integrates all of their social channels and videos as well as makes it easy to find training and seminar information. A newsletter signup was also integrated to capture new leads and allow people to follow their internal newsletter, Couret Chronicles and stay up-to-date on the all of the 7602 adventures.

SEO & Content Marketing were also implemented to create search engine friendly content that could jump above the rest of the local market.


  • Content Management System

  • Copywriting

  • Content Marketing

  • Blog Creation

  • Creative & Concept Development

  • Logo Optimization

  • SEO Services

  • Social Media Feed Integration

  • Website Design & Production