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In terms of general healthcare, oral health is one of the most commonly overlooked, with nearly 75% of people experiencing dental anxiety and between 9-20% avoiding the experience completely because of fear. Taking advantage of Social Media and promoting your dental practice in today’s always-connected society allows you to create a patient-centric approach that will humanize the experience and relieve some of that stress for your current and potential patients.


Connecting on a personal level, social media marketing allows you to take advantage of various platforms to engage a wide cross-section of your patient demographic. Building trust and creating a following among current and potential patients, your marketing strategy should build engagement across multiple platforms that put you directly in contact with your patients. While there are numerous Social Media services available, it is not necessary to create a presence on every one, but rather choose the right platform for your practice based on your brand and the content that you intend to create.


    Allowing you to build an online community through likes and followers, your business Facebook page is an important extension of your website. With the ability to provide business updates and contact information, collect reviews, and post a wide variety of content, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform worldwide, with 79% of its 2.9 billion users active daily. Taking advantage of Facebook’s extensive Ads platform, you can target your marketing strategy with posts directly aiming at various members of your patient base.


    Pioneering image and video marketing, over 200M+ Business accounts are visited every day on Instagram. Using proven dental hashtags that expand your reach, you can create interaction with a variety of videos, infographics, tips, and other content. Instagram is highly visual, so it is important to create content that gets aimless scrollers to stop on your posts. Instagram Stories, content that disappears after 24 hours, has increased engagement by many businesses and users to daily postings, allowing for a personal touch by sharing everyday moments without committing the content to their profile. 


    Video content is dominating content marketing, with engagement capturing 82% of all consumer internet traffic and rising. YouTube is the second most popular social media platform and the second most trafficked website after Google, so taking advantage of this platform allows you to upload longer format videos that can include office tours, videos explaining procedures and other dental tips and much more. The recent addition of YouTube Shorts, allows you to incorporate shorter videos similar to Facebook or Instagram Reels and Stories, or TikTok.


    Increasing in popularity, TikTok offers an easy and fun way to engage with the public using short-form mobile video. There are over 138 million active users in the United States, spending over 10 minutes per session and over 19 hours per month on the social media app. These videos can be used to engage current and potential patients with short, funny dental videos, how-to or how-not-to videos, and other fun content that adds personality to your practice. The “Bentist” is just one example of successful engagement, with videos ranging from dance and comedy to dental education. 


     Highly reliant on hashtags to categorize tweets and create a following for various topics, Twitter allows your content to appear in feeds of both those following your page directly and those following certain hashtags. Whereas Instagram and TikTok capture a younger demographic, 63% of Twitter users are between the ages of 35-65 years old. With a character limit that restricts the length of posts, this platform is useful both for live updates while attending an event, hosting a Q&A, or linking back to articles on your website or cross-posted among other social media platforms.

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