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Buoyed by an increase in demand in cosmetic surgery that has continued past the pandemic and the “Zoom Boom,” plastic surgeons have increased their marketing presence in recent years to reach more potential patients who are actively searching online. Beginning with SEO and PPC efforts that target patients during the research phase and transitioning into social media, specifically Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, marketing ideas for plastic surgeons have enhanced brand building and boosted trust in the industry.

This de-stigmatization of cosmetic surgery necessitates plastic surgery marketing strategies that continue to evolve as patients of all ages are looking to enhance their natural selves. Once ruled by female patients, there has been a heightened awareness among males considering the benefits of various cosmetic procedures. When marketing to specific audiences, there are a number of procedures that see a near equal share among genders. Specifically for Botox, marketing ideas that hinge on “tweaks” rather than “tucks” appeal to those looking for minimally invasive procedures that make maximum impact.


Gearing search results to local listings, your Google Business Profile and SEO implementation are your first steps to build your presence online and attract patients to your practice. With targeted PPC (pay-per-click) marketing with local results, you want your practice featured in the Google 3-Pack, showcasing three local businesses whose online presence matches the search criteria entered. Since many patients begin their physician research with an online search, positioning your website in these results gets more eyes to your site. Once they’ve arrived, a well-design site must make it quick and easy for patients to find what they’re searching for with minimal effort. The last thing that you’d want is for your website to end up at the end of the internet rabbit hole that we are all known to fall down from time to time.

Leverage your search engine optimization with quality content marketing that answers the most commonly asked questions when searching for plastic surgeons. By including long-tail keywords and a conversational tone, your site responds well to the voice searches that have become increasingly popular and less time consuming than typing in the search bar. Including FAQs for each type of procedure, letting patients know what to expect before, during, and after their treatment, and focusing on patient reviews are all effective methods to grab the attention of a wide cross-section of patients that your practice serves.


Reaching a wide demographic of patients through a number of services, social media has captivated our daily lives. Taking the next steps from internet searches to vetting potential doctors, patients are flocking to social media to learn more about these practices. Gaining insight into the culture and personality of the plastic surgeon’s office plays a major role in the decision making process. Building a brand on social media nurtures trust and builds familiarity, the most successful social media accounts are for those who interact regularly with followers. Social media is not a one-way street. Plastic Surgeons who are regularly sharing content, whether insightful posts, Q&As, how-tos, or behind the scenes videos, are able to bring a conversational approach to their practice and attract more patients.

Beyond your own posts on your social media platform, providers should aim for the holy grail of marketing with users’ interactions through reposts and comments. Both of these expand the reach of your posts by bringing your content to your users’ feeds and in turn, their own followers. Whether hosting contests that require reposts and likes, or encouraging patients to tag you in posts following their visits, social media takes building relationships in the digital world to a whole new level.

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