Why Is It Important to Clear Cache and Cookies? 

Since each browser has a slightly different approach in clearing their cache, we broke up our blog posts into a four part series. Find out the steps in Refresh Vector Computer Screen Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox in from our previous posts. Our fourth and final post will give you direction for clearing your cache in Safari.

A cache is a place where files are stored temporarily. When visiting a website, your browser saves (caches) various pieces of the site. This process is not necessarily a bad thing, because it allows for quick load time and increased performance when revisiting the site. Caching also has an effect on the server-side to help websites load faster for new visitors.

Cookies are bits of data about your browsing behavior. Think of tracking information such as location, device type, products viewed and added to cart, etc.

Overall the process improves the visitor experience; however, it can cause headaches when trying to make changes on the backend. Since the browser saves those pieces frequently, it displays what has been saved in the past, rather than the newest update you were hoping to see.

You may be wondering, how do I work around this? Well, we have a solution for you. 

Below is our helpful infographic, explaining the steps for clearing your cache in Safari, on both Desktop and Mobile:

how to clear cache on safari

Added Benefits of an Empty Cache

Not only does clearing your cache allow for changes to show up properly, but it also helps with privacy and security. In the past, your saved passwords would be lost during a cache refresh; however many browsers (such as Safari) have added the option to choose what gets cleared when you empty your browsing data. Our recommendation is to always clear your “Cached Images and Files” at a minimum.

Check out our other posts on the ‘How To Clear Your Cache’ in Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

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