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Bill Dalton
Bill DaltonCEO
Fearless leader of the Fireflies since 1998, Bill is likely to take charge in a situation and explore worthwhile, effective solutions that can benefit others. Putting the “unity” in community, Bill is energized by leading others to success and can often be found rewarding the team with some good home cooking. His knack for finding the sweet spot between leadership and collaboration allows the team to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
Melody Weiss
Melody WeissAgency Director
Combining a natural charisma with a love for spreadsheets, Melody’s talent for capturing the big picture has allowed those around her to be empowered in their decision making since she joined Firefly in 2012. Never afraid to take measured risks or get deep in the trenches, she still believes the best meetings are those that end with a hug. Embracing self-care, she always lusts for the next trip, whether it’s embarking on a culturally driven experience, or rejuvenating her sparkle with a trip to see the Mouse.
Laura Williams
Laura WilliamsAccount Executive
Laura is energized by building relationships. She believes that communication is key & creating meaningful collaborations is what it’s all about. She’s got the skill to read a room and share her calming energy to help others feel welcome. If you catch her in action, she might be snapping a pic, say cheese!
Tracy Ralston
Tracy RalstonExecutioner
Embodying razor-sharp precision and organization, Tracy brings a unique balance to the collaborative workspace by marrying compassion with rationality. Fixer of broken things since 1999, Tracy’s role as designer/developer allows her to unite design with technical functionality. A practicing Yogi, she is a believer in daily routines, but when the day commands it, you can find her driving with the top down and the radio up!
Hunter Euchaski
Hunter EuchaskiDigital Marketing Manager
Self-professed Harry Potter enthusiast who loves a good cup of Joe, Hunter brings SEO savvy to Firefly. Since her start, she has been studying data and metrics in order to provide clients with a unique presence in the digital realm. Adapting quickly to the ever-changing marketing landscape, she helps to find the big picture in a sea of data.
Megan Wells
Megan WellsWeb Project Manager
As a recent graduate from Southeastern Louisiana University, Megan is excited to combine her love of social media and marketing and put her new skills to the test! Megan’s natural gift to care a lot about others’ experience with a product or service makes connection and collaboration easy. When she’s not spending quality time with her family and friends, she’s improving her overall knowledge of SEO & SEM to further aid clients and the Firefly Team!
Vanessa Le
Vanessa LeDigital Designer
As a natural harmonizer, Vanessa brings a warm, cooperative, and creative energy into the workplace. She thrives on change and always brings new ideas to every task. Her knack for collaboration and forming meaningful relationships with those around her keeps her motivated. If she’s not wrapped up with school or work, you can find Vanessa exploring, socializing, or daydreaming.
Amanda Reviere
Amanda ReviereDigital Marketing Coordinator
A wonder with words, Amanda’s obsession with prose dates back to countless hours spent reading in front of the heater, from novels and short stories to, yes, even the dictionary! Totally buying into the cliche of the “Extroverted Introvert,” her talents extend beyond creating website copy and blogging to toast-giving and (eventually) book-writing.
Scott Doré
Scott DoréSlash
Scott Doré left an impression in our hearts & imprints in our group that will remain with us forever. The Trifecta: part Developer, part sympathetic ear, and part water cooler attendant, Scott began earning his Slash at Firefly in 2001. The voice of reason with an infectious laugh, “Dr.” Scott’s empathetic instincts added balance to logical thought with his approach to problem solving. Proud enforcer of the Scott Effect, tech troubles were resolved just by his mere presence! Combining candor and wit, he has rightfully earned his legacy as the office Right Hand Man.

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