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Social media marketing for doctors and plastic surgery practices allows you to interact with your patients and other audience members by giving you the ability to control the narrative. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but following a few simple guidelines allows you to put a unique spin on your profile and catch the attention of those scrolling past your posts.


Social media can take time out of your busy day, so it’s important that you post strategically to use your time wisely. Picking the right platforms for your practice is essential to creating a following of potential patients. Because plastic surgery can have a strong visual impact, it makes sense that Instagram would be a great place to start, but don’t stop there. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook and you can manage posts between the two from one platform, it also makes sense that you take advantage of this and capitalize on the sheer volume of users the two bring to the table. That being said, TikTok is hot on their heels in social media in healthcare, with the hashtag #plasticsurgery commanding 13 billion views.


Since video marketing is seeing rapid increase in popularity, it is important that you balance your post types as well as their topics and focus. Your posts are an extension of your brand, so tone and style should remain consistent to increase the effectiveness of your social media strategy. Build a relationship with your followers who are interested in various treatments by encouraging reposts and interact regularly with followers by responding to comments whenever applicable to further engage your audience and keep them coming back to your profile.

  • Educational

  • Informative

  • Interesting

  • Entertaining

  • Compelling


Take tried and true post topics to the next level with these upgrades and plastic surgery social media ideas that are sure to please your followers (and even attract a few new ones, thanks to some targeted boosting strategies). Combining both imagery and video, these posts can be effective on both Instagram and Facebook. For those venturing into TikTok territory, this is content gold! 

  • Before & After > Procedure Demo – We’ve mentioned before that while many are interested in plastic surgery treatments, actually SEEING the treatments may be a little too gory. Instead, showcase before and after photos. Take it to the next level and rather than show the procedure and risk turning a few stomachs, let patients know what they can expect in the immediate aftermath of their procedures versus photos taken once the swelling and redness has subsided.

  • Q&A with Patient > Testimonial – Go beyond showcasing rave reviews from your patients and let them answer a few of the most commonly asked questions that you receive prior to a procedure. This allows them to speak about their experiences in a way that heightens the glowing recommendations that we often see in testimonial posts.

  • A Day in the Life > Office Tour – What better way to get to know your plastic surgeon than following them around for a day? Behold the power of social media! Sure, we all like to see office tours, but it’s the behind the scenes content that we’re really here for. Perfectly poised to hit your feed as a story, you can continually add videos and images in real time that truly let patients know what you’re up to day in and day out.

  • How-to Video > Tip or Tricks – Seeing is believing, so instead of creating a static post, take it to video. Demonstrate those tips and repurpose the post as a Story or Reel, or even Pin to your Highlights to make it super easy for viewers to reference your post in the future

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