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2022 Social Media Guide For Dermatologists

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There are over 33,500 cardiologists, 22,600 OB/Gyns, and 13,000 urologists practicing in the United States, yet there are only 5,500 dermatologists serving the largest organ of the human body, the skin. Whereas many medical specialties see patients during specific life events, dermatologists see patients of all age ranges, with annual visits recommended to treat conditions that manifest themselves in a number of ways. In order to grow your practice, your marketing approach must be as diverse as these patients.

In a world consumed by social media, your dermatology clinic should enact a med spa marketing plan that takes advantage of the endless opportunities to interact with an audience that expects the businesses that they visit to maintain an active online presence. Adapting to the rapidly changing scrolling habits of users, video marketing has become the most successful posting format across all platforms, with the emergence of several services aimed directly at capturing this audience. Scrolling through their feeds for upwards of two hours per day, it’s important that you know your audience and choose a platform and implement marketing ideas for clinics that make sense for your patient base. 


Reaching a wide demographic of patients both young and old, Facebook may be considered the granddaddy of social media platforms.

  • GO LIVE – For Facebook, going “Live” allows your clinic to interact with viewers in an unedited format, projecting an approachable persona and giving viewers a behind the scenes look at your practice.

  • REELS The fastest growing content format on Facebook, Reels are short videos that can be overlaid with effects such as music and captions, as well as advertisements.

  • BRAND RESEARCH More and more consumers are turning to social media when conducting research about businesses and brands, so a robust posting strategy is effective to curate content that attracts potential patients.

  • MESSENGER Moving away from telephone conversations and into quick, text base communications, Messenger allows patients to reach out to your clinic, asking questions before booking that initial appointment.


Projecting visual content through the use of high quality images, text and video, Instagram is a  powerful platform to reach both current and potential patients. Mixing up your feed with various types of posts to interest your audience, Instagram lets you interact in real time. 

  • BEFORE AND AFTERS – Focusing on the visual content that makes Instagram what it is, before and after images of patients (with permission!) are your best advertisement of the success of your treatments.

  • SHOPPABLE POSTS – Responding to the surge in e-commerce of 2021, shoppable posts allow followers to purchase products directly from the app. Combined with post-treatment care tips, this can be effective to keep your patients’ attention between appointments.

  • REELS Designed to compete with TikTok and also in use on Facebook, Reels are an integral part of the Instagram experience. Educational content, product highlights and offers as well as behind the scenes videos all have a valuable place as Reels.

  • STORY LINKS Adding link stickers to posts allow you to expand the interaction with your audience by directing them to an external link, whether it’s your booking platform, blog posts, or other content on your website or another social media platform.


A rising star in the social media world, TikTok has been downloaded over 2.6 billion times worldwide, with 130 million of those downloads coming from United States-based users during the first quarter of 2020. Coinciding with a time where its audience was confined to their homes, this all-video platform has become a mainstay in today’s social media experience.

  • EDUTAINMENT – Combatting the black hole of scrolling, more and more posts are focusing on providing education through entertainment. Packaged in a bite-size format, you can create value for your patients with posts capitalizing on the #SkinTok movement that brings information about all things dermatology related.

  • GLOW UPS – Increasing positive engagement with before and after content, these types of videos build anticipation and are likely to prevent your viewers from aimlessly scrolling past as they wait to see the final result. Because nearly all dermatological procedures showcase visual results, this is a type of post that is ripe with content possibilities.

  • A DAY IN THE LIFE Going beyond behind the scenes Reels and Posts, showcase a typical day in the office to let patients know what they might expect when they visit your clinic. Letting employees conduct a “Take-over” also expands your approachability and lets patients see things from an alternate perspective. 

At Firefly Marketing, we can help you grow your social media presence with innovative marketing solutions that keep pace with the changing trends. 

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