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No one wants their inbox to be cluttered with advertising; It’s your job, as an email marketer, to send your reader something they actually want. Informative, interesting and even entertaining emails should be your goal in email marketing. But, how do you achieve that?

We’ve got 15 proven tips to help you create an effective email marketing campaign.

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Pink Email Icon The Design

  • Choose your colors carefully. There are countless articles about color theory and the different emotional responses color can evoke. Some say that red elicits a sense of urgency, others say that blue evokes feelings of trust. While well placed color, to draw attention to important elements, can be beneficial, it is also important to keep it simple. Remember to leave sufficient white space for your viewers to rest their eyes on.
  • Consider your target audience when using images. Some email programs are more prone to block images than others. It’s also worthy to note that images might be more welcome in a product based email as opposed to an informational email. Perhaps you only need one eye-catching header image to draw the reader in, or you might receive better click-through rates (CTR) from emails with heavy product images. Find the best solution for you and never be afraid to split test with small groups. Be sure to compress any images you use so that your emails can load quickly and efficiently.
  • Always consider mobile when designing your email marketing campaign. There are now many services that can help you with this process, such as MailChimp. MailChimp provides previews of your email in desktop and mobile, and now even in different inboxes. Every day, more people are moving to email browsing on their phone, so don’t miss out on these potential customers.

Firefly Marketing Informational Email Marketing Example

Firefly Marketing uses a much more subtle approach to it’s emails which are primarily informational. There are few image and colors until the bottom of the email where the social media and services links are present.

Smart Choice Event Email Marketing Example

Smart Choice Technologies uses a much more bold color scheme (much like their site) in their newsletter to draw attention to the exciting events, updates and blog posts that they are advertising.

Blue Email Icon Subscribers

  • Data mine your email list and split your audience into various segments based off of any profiling data you have. This will allow you to be more strategic with your messaging and effectively increase your chances of opens and CTR. Even if you don’t have profiling, look to geo-targeting. Various regions respond differently to different types of messaging.
  • Using a double opt-in strategy for your email marketing plan is the best way to see if your customer is truly interested. This will protect you from spam complaints and may possibly save your website from being shut down due to unsolicited emails.
  • Get in touch with your subscribers at certain intervals and confirm with them that they are still interested in receiving emails from you. It’s recommended to do this every nine months. This way, you can be sure that you are not being seen as a nuisance. This also guarantees that the people on your subscriber list have genuine interest and are not false subscribers taking space within your list.
  • Opting down is a great alternative to opting out. Some customers just don’t want as much attention as others. That’s okay. This is where the option to not only unsubscribe, but to change email frequency. This can help you retain subscribers and keep them happy.
Browns Footer with Email Signup

Brown’s Furniture Showcase uses the footer at the bottom of every page to encourage customers to sign up for their newsletter.

Firefly Marketing Newsletter Subscription Page

Firefly uses a separate page for newsletter subscriptions with a brief explanation for easy conversion tracking.

Orange Email Icon The Message

  • Start with a well thought out subject line. Personal subject lines help the viewer feel like they are being spoken to directly. Subjects lines that convey a sense of urgency such as “Last Chance!” capitalize on what some markets call FOMO, or a fear of missing out. It’s also important to be concise. Communicate your message quickly and effectively. This often determines whether your email will be read or not.
  • Keep the preview pane in mind when laying out and writing content. The subject and the preview are the first things your subscribers will see in their inbox. Make sure your important information is at the top so that it won’t be missed. Use pre-headers to your advantage to draw in more readers.
  • Make a clear and memorable impact with every email, keeping your marketing messages short and sweet. Every email should have a very clear message and should only include information, media and links that are completely relevant to that message. A succinct but convincing email will be easier for your readers to absorb than a windy message that tries to force too many points. If you have more to say, link them to landing page on your site. This gives them access to more information if they want it, but they also have the option to opt-out if they don’t.
  • Be sure that your strategy is persistently pursued. Having said that, you should ensure that you are targeting the correct customers. Otherwise, it won’t matter all that much. Pushing customers who aren’t interested to read your content will never work.
Browns Furniture Showcase Browse Collection Call to Action

Brown’s Furniture Showplace is set up so that they can easily swap out their new collections photo and information and immediately direct customers there.

Firefly Marketings Contact Us Call To Action 2

Firefly always adds a call to action at the end of our informational newsletters to allow customers to contact us for more information on the subject.

Green Email Icon

The Sale

  • Always include a call to action (CTA). If your email does not warrant any action, there is a good chance that none will be taken. Find something that will benefit your customer, making them want to click. This is another great place for time sensitive offers that encourage the viewer to act quickly.
  • Email is a great marketing tool, but it is not an arena where the hard sell is appreciated. Never pressure your subscribers into buying. Put sales pitches at the tail end of your emails, especially if your readers signed up with expectations of informative content. Consider email as a tool to cultivate interest, not instant sales.
  • Your landing page should live up to the customer’s expectations. The subscriber is obviously interested in your product if they have clicked on the link in your email. You do not want them to be disappointed by clicking on the link, and finding the page to be something other than expected. This may increase your site’s bounce rate.
  • Use confirmation emails to make a soft sell. When someone signs up for your newsletter or completes an action that warrants a confirmation email, add something of interest to them such as a coupon or a link to more relevant information on your site. This can encourage them to act, moving them closer to a sale.

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